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Mold Remediation Specialist ®

Enrollment starts here for the Mold Remediation Specialist ® By International Restoration Institute.

You purchase the mold remediation certification course for the IRI Mold Remediation Specialist by following the instructions below.

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2 Students 264.50 Each

3 Students 229.66 Each

4 Students 199.75 Each

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If you Have any questions  please call in during business hours to speak to an enrollment specialist. (866) 376-7697  

To find out more information about the IRI Mold Remediation Specialist Course select the link below. 


Mold Remediation Specialist ®

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IRI Online Mold Remediation Certification Course

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3 or more: $229.66 each
4 or more: $199.75 each
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